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How will your driving lesson in Erskine be conducted ?

-Your lesson will start with a quick recap of your knowledge to date specifically with what you will have learned during your last lesson.

-An objective for the new lesson will be set and agreed. This could mean further work on previous subject learned or learning a new subject.

-You will be briefed in a comprehensive manner on the main points of your new lesson so that you obtain a good level of understanding before you put these into action.

-Having been briefed you will now be guided and progressively brought to a standard which will result in you hopefully doing the tasks with very little help or no help at all from your instructor, this obviously depending on your abilities. Do not be worried, you will not be left totally on your own. The instructor will know how far he can and will go and will know when to slow things down to suit your abilities.

-Finally at the end of your lesson, what went well and also what did not go so well will be discussed so that a plan for next lesson can be agreed.


It is the aim of your F.S.M driving school instructor to bring you up to an independant level as quickly as you can progress. Pupils do learn at different speed, some subjects might require more work than some others. Learning to become a safe driver do take time.

After a certain amount of driving lessons in Renfrew and Paisley you will be getting close to "test standard". This will be explained a bit more in depth by your instructor. You will be given the opportunity to do a "mock test" to check how ready you are. This invaluable exercise will be of great benefit to you, as it will demonstrate how you are coping in a test situation. Some do better than others. But it will give you the opportunity to see where you are.

Finally, assuming you have already passed your theory test, you will be able to book your practical test. Soon your hard work will pay off. Very well done...

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your responsibilities

cockpit drill



move off

safe positioning



changing gear

emergency stop



hazard routine

meeting vehicles

turning left


turning right


straight reversing

reversing right



reversing left/right

turn in the road

parallel parking

bay parking


traffic lights

pedestrian crossing

dual carriageway

road markings

one way systems

use of speed



forward planning


As you progress through your programme, you will be given free online access to theory and hazard perception practice as well as being constantly updated with various lessons handouts. At the end of the programme you will be in possession of a very unique workbook which has been designed to help comprehension of all the subjects learnt.


Further topics will be discussed and after passing your test you will be offered to take further development by taking the Pass Plus training course. During this course the following subjects will be covered:


driving in town

driving on open rural roads

driving on dual carriageways

driving on motorways

driving at night

driving in various weather conditions  


Taking the above Pass Plus course could lead to you receiving discounts on your future car insurance.

How long will it take ?

Everybody is different and the speed of individual progression will differ. In general, pupils spending more time behind the wheel by taking longer lesson time( one and a half hour lesson, or two hours lesson) will tend to learn at a quicker rate and will also tend to be more successful in their attempt to pass their practical test.

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